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Extravagant Noise is designed for film editors seeking faster music customization, up to 85% quicker, and podcasters in need of quick, safe, and professional production music.

May be covered by one or more of the following patents nos.US 10,777,176 B2    GB2556149  Canadian Patent No. 2977111

Do you need high-quality music for your broadcast or online content that’s easy to use? Tired of spending too much time trying to fit music into your project? Extravagant Noise offers a unique, patented system for effortlessly synchronizing music with your media. Our precision-crafted music kits seamlessly integrate music and storytelling, making the process enjoyable and efficient.

Extravagant Noise offers two distinct types of kits:

1. **Modular Music Kits:**
Ideal for film editors seeking rapid music customization. Our patented process enables film editors to effortlessly assemble self-contained music modules, adjusting length and mood seamlessly.

2. **Music Bookends / Bumpers and Stingers:**
Perfect for podcasts and film production in need of swift intros and endings. This section also includes unique audio transitions to captivate your audience’s attention.

Check out our Tutorial videos and FAQ page for further information.

To License a Music Kit, simply click on our “Specialty Kits’ tab and create an account. From there, select either ‘Modular Music Kit’ or ‘Music Bookends / Bumpers and Stingers’ to explore a variety of kits available. Please note that we are currently implementing standardized deliverables for our kits and will be conducting tests. If you’re a film editor interested in participating in the tests, please contact us at wenda@extravagantnoise.com with the subject line “Film Editor.”