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Extravagant Noise is an Easily Understandable Innovative System that Integrates Music and Story Seamlessly and Effortlessly.

It’s So Unique It’s Patented!

May be covered by one or more of the following patents nos. US 10,777,176 B2    GB2556149

You need music for your broadcast or internet media production that is polished, precise and easy to implement. Are you tired of spending significant time to get your chosen music to support your production in the way you envisioned? Extravagant Noise is a completely new way to synchronize unique music for broadcast and web media. Our precision-crafted music kits integrate story and music seamlessly and effectively. Our easily understandable system makes adding music to your production enjoyable! The process is so unique it is patented!

We currently have two types of media music kits servicing Broadcast Advertising that we call “Ad Music” and Pod Cast / Web Cast / YouTube productions that we call “Music Bookends”. Ad Music Kits come in 3 versions of 15 seconds (Album covers are hued blue), 30 seconds (Album covers are hued orange) and the full 60 seconds versions (Album covers are full color). Music Bookends Kits are also full color and are available on their own page. All kits have safe and legal music to add to your Broadcast Productions, Pod Cast / Web Cast / and YouTube productions. When you purchase an Extravagant Noise kit a license agreement appears for you to fill online.

Check out our videos and White Papers for further information.

To Purchase/License a Music Kit: Please click on our “Specialty Kits’ tab and create an account. After that you may listen to some Music Kit’s Main Theme examples, if you are able. If you are hearing impaired, you can discover what each kit includes by reading its White Paper. Make sure to download the White Paper (Instructions) from the White Papers page. Each kit has its own white paper that belongs to your kit of choice. All the White Papers are free to download even without purchase / License, and are a good way to help your decision as to which themes support your story.