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Do you need a song and a singer added to your commercial production’s audio? We also create customized jingles for your production, and record the singer in our studio.

Requesting a Custom Jingle has never been easier!

Scientific studies have proven that mnemonic memory is greatly enhanced when a viewer hears a catchy tune and a product name! Product reputation and positive consumer associations increase even if the product just hit the shelves – because of a jingle! Have our Custom Jingles increase your sales! Contact Mike Rosen of Megatrend Management to get your Custom Jingle working for you!

Mike Rosen will contact our composers to make your Jingle a reality! Feel free to mention a Music Kit that has a genre and style you like for reference. If you’re hooked on a Music Kit that hasn’t been used in a National Advertisement yet we should be able to help with that kit. If you’d like a completely new piece created and synchronized exactly for your production, we can do that too!

Michael Rosen
MegaTrend Management

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