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We at Extravagant Noise love the outdoors. We want you to have the time to enjoy the outdoors too. One of our goals is for our kits to save you time so you can do something you enjoy! We are located in the Greater Seattle Area. There are amazing musicians in our area because we practice when it’s raining, and it rains a lot! Something about Seattleites that isn’t widely known: We’ve learned to appreciate the sunshine and grab the chance of escaping to the outdoors when it’s sunny. We know and understand that changing our perspective make us better people and a lot more fun to be around. Our wish is that you have fun with our kits and then get the opportunity to do other things with your time!

One day our founder walked into a conversation where a director/ producer had been discussing with a photographer how frustrating it was to find music for their production. While listening she empathized greatly for the director / producer and noticed there was a product opportunity to help that would also solve a communication gap at the worst possible point in a production –POST! Extravagant Noise was created to deliver original music at a price-point reflective of its value in the post-production process. Our patented process means producers won’t spend significant time getting music to “fit” their product. Your excellent visual work should be balanced with excellent and engaging audio work.

Our founder has worked both sides of the camera and with people around the globe. She has studied with Grammy winning musicians and performs in different genres on multiple instruments. She has scored music for film, media and games and has been the sound designer for films fixing all things audio. Her acting credits include commercials, films and plays and she also directed an Indie Feature Film.

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